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Support the Arts!

Enthusiasts, Sponsors, and Patrons of the Arts,


Destined for new sensory experiences and new ways to see our world?  Seeking visual and performance arts for entertainment and self-exploration?  In search of learning from artists, artisans, and musicians?

If you answered yes, then membership and involvement in the Highland County Arts Council programs are for you!


According to new member Margie Fullerton, "I was overjoyed that I was able to attend the Highland Arts Academy workshops in 2021.  This experience motivated me to become a member of the Arts Council because I want to support their efforts to promote art in Highland."


Recently, Highland County Arts Council members along with parents and grandparents enjoyed a Musikgarten presentation by local children.  Musikgarten, a program that brings music and movement to children and builds a foundation for life-long music making, was one of the new activities funded by the Arts Council in 2021.  To see young children demonstrate self-expression, coordination, motor skills, and social interaction while singing was priceless.  Musikgarten reaches the youngest of our community, and its benefits are long- and far-reaching.


The Highland County Arts Council believes that the arts are essential to our communities. We strive to support and encourage artists, artisans, and musicians of all ages by sponsoring performances, workshops, and camps.  To achieve this goal, we sponsor the 2nd Saturday at 7pm monthly concert series, Highland Arts Academy workshops, an Artists’ Weekend, Library Exhibits, and other community inspired cultural events. The strength and success of these programs are the direct result of our members’ support.


Now is your chance to make future programs possible with your new or renewed annual membership and contributions to the Highland County Arts Council.   Your contributions above and beyond the $5 annual membership fee support our mission to make Highland County an arts destination.  The benefits of your contribution to the Highland County Arts Council programs allow us to make events transformational for children and adults alike.   


Thank you in advance for your support of arts in Highland County!

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