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Scholarship Information

Highland County Arts Council Awards Two Scholarships

The Highland County Arts Council is proud to announce the awarding of two
scholarships to Highland County Public School students.

Graduating senior, Camryn Carpenter, has been awarded a $500 scholarship to attend Liberty University next fall with a major in Graphic Design. When asked how she became interested in this field of work, Camryn replied, “I got into art at a young age but never really tried to improve until I was in 9th grade. It was then that I really became interested in the arts and started drawing every day to improve. My favorite thing to draw is stylized people, in other words, cartoonish people. My favorite medium is watercolor because it is what I have been using ever since the 9th grade and it is easy for me to use. I plan on attending Liberty University in hopes of pursuing a degree in Fine Arts. After that I hope to get a job as a visual developer, or concept artist, in a studio
such as Disney or DreamWorks. I also hope to someday go into business for myself, making my own artworks and merchandise. I'll have to see where life takes me.” Camryn has studied art with Renee Vandevander, the art teacher at the Highland County Public Schools.


Seventh grader, Karl Sax, was awarded a $365 scholarship to attend the Messiah University Orchestra Camp in Pennsylvania in July. At the camp, Karl will play in a junior high orchestra and will get to work with a bass teacher in a master class of other bass students. In addition, Karl will be assigned to a chamber music ensemble and will take a musicianship class. Karl has been studying the string bass since he was in third grade. He studies with Gretta Sandberg from the Allegheny Mountain String Project and is a member of the Allegheny Mountain String Orchestra, also under the direction of Ms. Sandberg. In addition, Karl studies with Sam Suggs, Assistant Professor of Bass at James Madison University. When Karl was asked how he was drawn to the string bass, he replied, “It was the biggest instrument and could play loud! I like playing in the orchestra because the bass always has one great tune in at least one of the orchestra pieces. Also, playing in a group is fun as nobody notices if I miss a note!”

Congratulations to these two students as they pursue their dreams!

Camryn Carpenter

Karl Sax

Are you a high school student planning to attend college/university to major in the arts? The Highland County Arts Council holds funds to distribute each year to students who have demonstrated experience in the arts and plan to study in the arts as a part of their higher education.

Applications are due by May 1, and the scholarship will be distributed during the second semester of a student’s freshman year in college or university.


Summer Camp Scholarship

The Highland County Arts Council believes art education for all ages is important. Whether it's music, drama, painting or dance summer camp opportunities can be a great chance to develop a wide range of skills in a new social setting. 

Apply by May 1 for financial assistance to attend an Arts Summer Camp! 

Click here to apply for a summer camp scholarship! 


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